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Our forklift truck training covers the functions required to operate a forklift truck and (if competent) apply for a high risk work licence. This course is for beginners as well as experienced operators.


It’s not just about passing a test. Our students gain a solid and safe basis on which to persue their career in the warehousing or construction industries. Our emphasis is on safety; your own, and those around you.


Our motto “we care about your success” is not just a catch cry; we really do care. We provide a friendly and relaxed environment, conducive to learning.Our professional staff will tailor the training to meet your learning needs.


Obtaining the right ticket or licence can open up new career paths in a diverse range of industries and can set you on the road to a long and enjoyable career. We understand that competent operators are always in demand.

Highly experienced

Forklift training benefits

  • Excellent productivity, safety and efficiency.

  • Assist in material lifting, moving & stacking etc.

  • Superior in load capacity, power, lifting

  • Durable forklifts for demanding industrial environments.

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Forklift Course Outline

The key areas covered by this course include:

  • Assessing hazards and planning the work
  • Planning and setting up the forklift ready for operations
  • Conducting risk assessment and implementing control measures
  • Conducting routine checks of equipment
  • Operating the forklift
  • Manoeuvring forklift around various routes
  • Practicing different types of lifts and carrying various weights
  • Calculating and determining load capacity
  • Shutting down and securing the forklift.
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Highly experienced forklift

Why choose us

People: We strive to attract, recruit and retain talented, competent and committed trainers. We promote excellent performance through leadership and professional development.

Safety and Equality: We are committed to providing an environment which is safe, equitable and which promotes a confident and productive training and assessment environment.

Integrity and Ethics: We conduct ourselves in accordance with shared and agreed standards of behaviour which holds ethical conduct and integrity as our highest priorities.

Quality Committed: We aspire to deliver consistent, high-quality services and apply quality systems which support training and assessment excellence.


Do you need to renew your forklift licence?

In order to operate a forklift in QLD, you must hold a current high-risk work licence. A high-risk work licence is valid for 5 years and after this time, the licence will need to be renewed. This is done via the High-Risk Work Licence Online Services website.


When renewing your licence it’s important to remember:

If your high-risk work licence has expired, you have up to 12 months to renew the HRW licence. If your high-risk work licence has expired, you are no longer a licenced operator until you have it renewed. If it’s past the 12-month period, the operator must do the written and practical exam again. A VOC cannot be done on an expired licence.

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TLIA1001 – Secure cargo

Do you need to renew your forklift licence? In order to operate a forklift in QLD you must hold a current high risk work licence. A high risk work licence is valid for 5 years and after this time, the licence will need to be renewed.

TLIF0009 – Secure cargo

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Had a good experience here. Helpful in fitting me in for classes and clear communication around the training and expectations for the assessment. Made it less stressful which I appreciated.

Shona Jones